Jewelry Sponsorship Pack – FULL YEAR


Sponsor a FULL YEAR of school fees for one of the girls in our YES Girl Project program in Zambia!

For just R4250, you cover her full school fees and we will send you a whole pack of jewelry that she has made.

Made in Zambia by girls at the YES after-school Skills & Scholarship program, providing a sustainable sponsorship opportunity for empowered education.

Perfect for churches, organizations or individuals who want to do a fundraiser of their own while also supporting a good cause.  This pack includes 60 items at wholesale value (approx R71 each item), which means you can resell them at your church or event for R142 – R150 each and the profit earned can go towards your own cause or upcoming mission trip! It’s a dual impact fundraiser!


  • Made by girls in after school empowerment program in Zambia
  • Sales of each girl’s product will go straight into her scholarship fund.
  • Pack includes 60 items  including
    • 4 Necklaces
    • 8 Earring Sets
    •  48 Bracelets


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