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Products with Purpose

More than Products, More than a Cause…

We aren’t just sourcing some cheap product and selling it to give a percentage to “Charity”. The actual creation and manufacturing of our products IS the method by which we fulfill our mission to empower a socially and economically equal society. We commission the products from local skills development organizations and small businesses to support economic growth from the bottom up. THEN, the profits made from the sale of our products goes straight back into providing more opportunities and commissions for our Creators and into the Social Impact vision through micro-loans, skills and small business development and social good campaigns. This model, in effect, allows the Creators to fund and drive their OWN economic and social development and not be dependent on charity.

Learn more about the Method behind our Mission

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ImpactRatingIn efforts to remain as transparent as possible so that you know exactly what you are giving towards, we have developed the following PIR – Product Impact Rating – to score each product. The ratings are visible on each product page in our online shop.


Locally Sourced Materials

At least 80% of the materials used to make this product were sourced locally.


Job Creation

Every red star on a product’s ratings indicates one creator supported through the making of that product. Your purchasing that product, therefore, directly supports that number of people.


“Green” Environmentally Friendly

This includes: products made with recycled materials, products that are biodegradable, or any products that contribute positively to the environment.


Campaign Products

These products advocate for social good or a justice issue.


Fundraising Product

Higher profit margin to raise money for micro-loans and small business support. These products can also be ordered in bulk and customized to use for your own organization, thus raising funds for both your cause and supporting The Sparrow Creators.

Ubuntu Products

These products VISIBLY advocate for a more unified and equal society. By wearing or displaying these products, you are encouraging those around you to treat each other with respect and unity.


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