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Sparrow Creatives Business Course!

We’ve launched a business course for our amazing Creators!

We have so many talented creatives working with us and our dream is to see each and every one of them succeed in chasing their own dreams.  We have budding fashion designers, leather workers, screen printers and even a shoe designer!  But as any entrepreneur knows, running a successful business is more than just a great skill or even a great product.  Running a successful business (especially a small scale start up!) requires the business owner to be proficient in a whole range of tasks – from business registrations and tax to advertising and market research!!

That’s why we launch the Sparrow Creatives Business Course.  We wanted to equip our artisans who are interested in starting their own business with the skills and knowledge they need to make it successful.


Our first session was led by Tania Koeries of TMK Solutions.  SO. MUCH. AMAZING. INFORMATION.! I’ve been running this business for almost 4 years now and I still learned so much from this course and saw all the mistakes I had made in the first year.  I am so so thankful that we were able to offer this course to our Creatives so that they don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.  She covered everything from the initial business registration to Tax compliance and even personal income tax.

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Session 1: Business Registration & Tax Compliance

Session 2: Branding & Marketing

Session 3: Textile Design & Printing Methods

Session 4: Market Research & Product Development – Group Work

Session 5: Building a business plan

Session 6: Personal One-on-One mentorship through business launch



For this first run of courses, we opened it up only to our existing seamstresses and the ladies in our “Sew-Business” program.  We had such great feedback from the course participants and several comments from outsiders on our social media to see if we would be opening up future courses to the public.  If this is something you would be interested in, please shoot us an email to let us know your name, email address, and proposed business idea (whether just an idea or already started) so we can add you to our contact list when we get all the details ironed out.



  1. Pegie chikwa

    I m interested for my child to do course with you .she just finished matric and she pass, my boss gave your email address. Melissa William

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  3. Almari Nieuwoudt

    Hello Kate,
    I would love to attend a course like this!
    Have been sitting with an idea of customized, hand made mirrors (hand and wall)
    combined with wood and a few other products too.
    But, honestly, don’t know where to start! And how to make the move
    from monthly salary to working for yourself.
    Thank you!

    • Kate Senekal

      Hi Almari! Sounds like a lovely idea!! We are looking at running another course in May/June and opening it up to other people this time so will add you to the list to contact with more details once we have them! Kate

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